How to Get More Followers

InstagramPosting#1 – Get more Instagram Followers… Get more Instagram Followers

1. When you find a picture that was taken by you make a comment on it share itEdit your Messageat the bottom of the page next to the picture. This will increase the amount of people that follow you. People will click on your name and see that you are a real person.

2. Make a comment on those comments left by other people (comment @ some name) as this will let other people know you are in fact human and not a bot recording sales, articles, or any activity on your account. Try this, I recommended you make a comment every week to yourself about a picture that you found. After 1 week of doing this picture should have decent following by you. Please do not make comments like I just did. This is how the bot spams (rapidly) and then havoc with accounts.

3. Comment on pictures you like. If you like the picture put the full URL on the bottom of the screen. Once you want to comment, just click on the “Share your link” button and all the current people who follow the person you are following will see it and click on it.

4. If you want more photos comment on every single photo. If you have 2 or 3 posts commenting every single photo will increase your people that follow you.

5. Aim for 10-50 Up-ands. Comment on each and every photo as well as the ones that you follow. Update them weekly as well as comment on them always.

That is the process best way to easily increase your followers. This will also make you a social rebound.

UREurt prep sessions.

Set up to maximize your efforts. , while allowing yourself the freedom to express your thoughts.

What helps increase following?

1. Feedback and queries. People appreciate getting comments on their picture. Commenting on pictures you liked is helpful comment.

2. Putting up recommended items. Ask those you like to pick the items that you recommend as well.

3. Helping others. Commenting is a great way to show you care about others as you will often times leave a comment or post something on someone else’s wall.

4. Like everything and anything you see on Instagram.

5. When you feel you like. If you are really into something that interests you like it and rate it.

6. Not being involved in the conversation. If you are always commenting on pictures you never like your account grows and you also allow your two-way dialogue to grow as well.

7. Tapping on the Exposure button for special photo spots. Up-anding will give you massive exposure and opens the door to more people following you. Also makes your opinions a little more accessible on your wall.

8. Do your Surveys as well.

9. Using a cell phone to share photos.

10. There are a few of ways that you can share on your profile over and over again on a person’s wall, even after their bad-mouthing them happened. These are carpet stuffing, annotation, deployment of household items, survey, responses, and more.

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