Smart Approach: Sophisticated Brand Promotion on Instagram

Perhaps the advice may sound a bit stale, yet it is true nevertheless: Instagram is getting hotter and hotter in sense of users engagement, and anyone wishing to build a promo campaign there has to start immediately, before this specific market will get oversaturated with tasteless ads and businesses offering what’s not on every step. So rush forward while it is not too late and people are still interested in new picture uploads, go ahead and impress them with skillful but unobtrusive marketing.

The prospects sound very optimistic, yet in order to get your market share, be sure to use innovative promotional approach, otherwise your product will land up in a ditch. So investigate, read about this service, and try to understand how this website breathes and lives. Here are some ideas for a starter.

Read the Blog for Businessmen on Instagram

Yes, you’ve got it right – Instagram runs the special blog dedicated to users who chose to advertise here, and it shows that the service has nothing against it. On the contrary, such tender care indicates that advertising (smart, of source) is a welcomed affair on Instagram, so read the blog carefully and adopt ideas which are applicable in your particular case.

Make your Images Different

Select a variety of pictures reflecting official and informal sides of your company’s life and post them at certain time intervals. Say, take a shot of your stuff drinking coffee from cozy mugs, add internal tag about its meaning and upload it. Then wait to see the engagement. Post a picture of a customer selecting the goods, or talking to a manager. Tag it as described and upload.

Every time you upload a picture, be sure to check the engagement, and decide, what images are received especially well.

Yes, Definitely – Hashtags

They are a must, just like on Twitter. Add a few hashtags to every image you post. Include the brand hashtag obligatory, so that users could make a tread dedicated to your company/brand. Search Webstagram to learn what hashtags are in trend. Hashtags differ, some apply to other regions, some do not fit your enterprise, and some are tailored for you.

Apply a classic SMM method: research keywords in your area of interest and correlate them with popular hashtags. If there are coincidences, then it is profit. Select keywords-like (15-20) and branded hashtags, add some local ones, make a list and put to use. Just every time employ two or three of them, and change the combinations.

Beautify the Pictures You Post

Very few people can boast of making great photos every time they press the ‘Shot’ button. most photographers take great pains to create a masterpiece through careful arrangement, light, colors and then make it look natural. So the same applies to you, most shots you are going to post definitely need some editing. So crop, play with colors and effects, apply filters and frames. Go to Etsy to see what can be done to an average picture to make it a success.


Instagram is first of all a social network, where people communicate and share the most interesting or unusual visual items they have. Facebook is supposed to be a platform for uniting people and running communication treads, yet it looks like stack-water in comparison to buzz taking place on Instagram. So together with picture sharing be sure to provide some attention to your followers – like and comment on their uploads, post pictures they may like without any connection to brands. In general, play by the rules and participate in this social life.

Show the Human Face of What You Do

Instagram and pictures are about humans. About their perception of the world and things they deem important. You can use this phenomenon successfully to create a truly human face of your venture. It does not mean that you have to post images of all your staff, just let the users peep inside your business like through a key hole, into its daily work, show backstage of the brand, how you produce goods or service customers. The god is in the details, so let these details show up.

Filters are Another Name for Instagra

So use them. Instagram has specifically created this feature to allow everyone feel like an artist or designer without special skills and extensive use of Photoshop. Picture with filter effects are supposed to get higher engagement from users. If you choose to believe TrackMaven, then opt for three most popular filters – Inkwell, Mayfair and Walden. Yet filters are not that decisive factor. Sometimes no filter is a better option, as only Mayfair truly increases interest to your picture.

However, never rely on what is said if you can check it yourself. Apply various filters and check the feedback. Maybe your audience will appreciate Amaro, Rise or Willow, and you will employ it far and wide with your pictures. Watch the engagement and adjust your strategy.

Take the Challenge

Competitors and rivals are not that bad. On the contrary, you can borrow ideas from them and learn from their mistakes without making your own. For example, research their accounts, see what they post and what pictures are accepted well, and finally list all their followers. Then methodically pay a visit to their accounts and like/comments some pictures. And follow them, too. A certain group of users will start following you in exchange, and thus your competitors will present you with targeted audience. It works on Twitter as well.

Do not Skip Video Option

Micro-videos are stalking the market, Vine being the pathfinder. 6 seconds are fit for funny clips and brief stories, yet Instagram decided to show who is the master here and introduced 15-seconds videos with options of editing, filter applying and stabilization against shaky hands. If you train a little and learn to make nice clips, you will win the hearts of your followers.

Apps are Good

Instagram is a sophisticated app itself, and it is complicated enough to require the use of other apps to enhance your experience or add functions which should be there but which are not. Scheduling, photo editing, making patterns and prints, bringing Instagram to PCs, investigating analytics – just think of a need you might have and there’s an app to cater for it.

Promote Instagram

Instagram loves you, so pay your debt of politeness to it. It integrates easily with other social networks, and if you face a choice, whether to upload a photo to some destination directly from Gallery or reach it through Instagram, be sure to select Instagram. Its gratefulness will not make you wait.

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