1.) How Do I Redeem Earned Buzz Points?

To redeem earned credits, please follow the credit redemption instructions that are listed by the publisher of this site. If credit redemption instructions aren’t available, please contact the publisher of this site directly.



2.) How Quickly Do I Receive My Buzz Points?

Most offers will credit within 5 minutes. If you haven't received credits after 24 hours, please contact the publisher of this site directly.



3.) How Do I Complete An Offer?

To complete an offer, simply follow the instructions listed in the description of the offer.



4.) How is My Personal Information Used?

Any personal information that you submit to complete an offer will go directly to the advertiser who is listed on the offer. Your personal information will not be distributed or sold to other parties at any time by CPAlead. Please be sure to read the privacy policy of the offer prior to completion for additional details.



5.) Do I Need to Enter Real Information?

Yes. Providing accurate information is always required when completing offers on this site. Using untruthful information when completing offers may result in loss of credits, removal from this site, or other penalties.



6.) How Can I Earn Rewards From Buzz Points?

Completing the designated action on an offer listed on this site will earn you a specific amount of Buzz Points. Your Buzz Points can then be exchanged for any reward that reaches appropriate credit levels, as designated by the owner of this site.



7.) How Many Buzz Point Offers Can I Complete Per Day?

Unless specifically noted by the publisher of this site, you can complete an unlimited amount of offers per day.



8.) I Completed An Offer & Didn't Receive My Buzz Points?

If for some reason you didn't receive credits upon completion of an offer, please check that you've only entered legitimate information when requested, Make sure that your browser is allowing cookies, Disable any Ad-Blocker or plugin that may be interfering with tracking, Do not use Proxies or VPN.

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