10 Ways to Increase Social Media

10 Ways to increase social media traffic:

1. Be an active social media user

The more active your social media persona is, the more you are likely to be invited to participate in interesting discussions and have your place showing in different places.

2. Collect a few months worth of content from your account and schedule content yourself

Plan your content in advance. If you don’t know what too many people are interested in, hold on to your favorite topics. Use visual tools to help you get ideas for future posts. If all you have is a few months worth of content, add the content you post from the first month usually to a new Separator tab.

3. Have fun!

Too may apps can prevent you from logging in and sticking around. Have fun. Spellcheck your posts. Annoying music is a turn off. Focus on your priorities. Use visual tools to assist you with what really matters to you.

4. Refer to your home page

If you are posting on your business page, refer to that on your business page. For reference, include content photos taken from that section and insert some content videos. For other posts, just simply refer.

5. Create some Buzz

Use every social platforms to engage with your audience. Get some social media followers from the content you’re posting! Post updates on your email list. Get immediate engagement from your friends. Post updates on new events.

6. Use a bedroom in your nightwear

Use creative ways to think of creative tips. Avoid the big images. Every time I am on the train at rush hour, I often see plenty of images, mostly the taxi Dos Cones. You have to engage with your audience.

7. Post before your deadline

If you are having a sale today, post the deal before the 30th. You eliminate poor sales. And you risk no spending on advertising for another sale of the same product!

8. Don’t like the content on your page?

emed widgets? Sure, I’ve had that happen. But usually after a few scrapes, the screen is wiped clean and the content can be re-applied. Better selections.

9. Save images and Tweets

Save your work. Retouch some photos and or slice some videos for sharing. If you follow this tip, you’ll be more motivated to get out there and “feel” your media.

10. Focus on you!

But don’t just put in a bunch of marketing Sound bite for your friends and competitors. Focus on your very best content. You can redo the great ones. Just make sure you use the appropriate captions.

Follow these tips and see if you improved results. We can help!

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