Instagram How-To’s: Posting Pictures Directly from Your Desktop

Social networks abounding on virtual market today offer huge variety of options, they maybe based purely on pictures’ sending or video editing, anonymous flirting or professional interests, yet first network dedicated to a particular activity except simple keeping in touch was Instagram. Creation of a photo-sharing service with supporting options of comments tweets and photo-editing was a truly genial idea, and it makes no surprise that today it is one of the most sought-after platforms with millions of active users. It may not yet hit the popularity notch Facebook has made, however, the chances are high it will. Thus more and more marketing people try to get a piece of this audience pie for their business promotion purposes.

Yet Instagram is indeed a very specific platform. It was supposed to work on the go and was developed to comply with functions of mobile devices, and not for PCs. All important activities are to be conducted through mobile apps, and marketing requires tools usually available on desktops. To register and upload images, one has to operate from a smartphone, and it is a very limiting condition for those who keep their marketing toolbox on PC – and running campaigns from PCs is normal working practice (marketing expert working from a tablet is not generating lots of trust, actually).

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Just In Time: Is It Possible To Pre-Schedule Instagram Posts?

Instagram’s users make definitely smaller audience compared to Facebook, yet they are highly engaged in the platform opportunities and rate of their engagement is about 120 times higher than the same rate for Facebook. Now it is high time to think about converting this engaged Instagram audience into dedicated fans of your business.

Yet it may turn out to be harder than it seems, as Instagram has its particularities. Instagram is about beautiful pictures (service developers like to remind of this quest for beauty). Thus to succeed, one has to select the best images – best in quality, best in marketing message delivery, best in everything – and then share them. Direct branding is not welcomed, thus, results are achieved through very careful selection of images and not through persistent posting logos and advertizing pics. Then, Instagram by default was designed for mobile OS and gadgets of different kinds, thus it is very inconvenient to operate PC marketing tools and then try to transfer the prepared material to a mobile device.

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Endless artistic quest: Free Mobile Tools for Glorifying Instagram Photos

Instagram’s main advantage and at the same time disadvantage is its orientation towards mobile devices. Definitely, taking pictures on the run and posting them to the web right where the inspiration has struck you – in the café, during a leisured walk or on a picnic in some lovely forest – is the bright side. However, Smartphone cameras are not that perfect to produce professionally looking images, and Instagram’s filters are a very weak remedy, because they are few and limit your creative impulses. So where is the golden mean? Here is the hint: go try some mobile apps which might be of use in pictures editing and which offer a significantly wider set of dedicated tools.

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Reap While It Still Grows: Advertising on the Developing Instagram Network

Why #1. It still has prospects of growth. A couple of last years in the media of social media marketers were full of one and the same advice: penetrate Instagram promotion market and find your niche. This mobile app which relies exclusively on pictures and short videos, is growing actively, and its audience beats any other community of network users by their engagement rates. The reason is valid enough to start campaigning, yet if it is not convincing enough, here a lot more.

Instagram has accumulated more than 200 million active users already at the beginning of 2014, and it happened only in 3 and half years of the platform foundation. Twitter and Facebook needed the double time to reach at least similar results. Only Google+ has beaten this achievement and it happened mostly because users of YouTube suddenly found themselves happy owners of Google+ accounts, frequently without any wish or intention on their part. So is does not count, as kids say.

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Smart Approach: Sophisticated Brand Promotion on Instagram

Perhaps the advice may sound a bit stale, yet it is true nevertheless: Instagram is getting hotter and hotter in sense of users engagement, and anyone wishing to build a promo campaign there has to start immediately, before this specific market will get oversaturated with tasteless ads and businesses offering what’s not on every step. So rush forward while it is not too late and people are still interested in new picture uploads, go ahead and impress them with skillful but unobtrusive marketing.

The prospects sound very optimistic, yet in order to get your market share, be sure to use innovative promotional approach, otherwise your product will land up in a ditch. So investigate, read about this service, and try to understand how this website breathes and lives. Here are some ideas for a starter.

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Time for Changes: Instagram Marketing in 2014

Instagram is not changing its strategies or mission, so no major shifts in approaches to this platform are to be expected. However, one new feature is obvious: marketing is developing there with ever increasing speed and sophistication. The reason is the highly engaged and active audience of the service (chances of your post to be noticed are 50 times higher than, say, on Facebook).

Instagram now counts about two hundred millions of monthly users (a very high rate for a comparatively small audience) and its popularity may be partially explained by absence of mass advertising. The difficulties with registration, mobile-only use and specific attention to images make this service a hard nut to crack for a standard marketer, yet the need for new platforms and enviable audience are too good a prize to give up on the halfway.

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