Endless artistic quest: Free Mobile Tools for Glorifying Instagram Photos

Instagram’s main advantage and at the same time disadvantage is its orientation towards mobile devices. Definitely, taking pictures on the run and posting them to the web right where the inspiration has struck you – in the café, during a leisured walk or on a picnic in some lovely forest – is the bright side. However, Smartphone cameras are not that perfect to produce professionally looking images, and Instagram’s filters are a very weak remedy, because they are few and limit your creative impulses. So where is the golden mean? Here is the hint: go try some mobile apps which might be of use in pictures editing and which offer a significantly wider set of dedicated tools.

  1. Basic Editing Features

    Applying fine changes to pictures right on the screen of a Smartphone may be a tricky task, and there are no guarantees that you will get the desired result. Tablets offer bigger screens and larges space for convenient manipulation, yet taking shots with your tablet is real drudge work. So mobile apps with efficient editing tools are perhaps the best way out in this case.

    Aviary  goes well with Android and iOS and costs nothing. User-friendly application provides for basic adjustments to the original picture, yet its functionality allows polishing the image up to your taste. Take cropping, color manipulations, angle adjustments, dynamic painting, and what’s not, mix it together with a pinch of creativity and Adobe’s product quality assurance, and you will get Aviary in your hands.

    Snapseed  is also free of charge, and besides, it is the oldest third party developed addition to Instagram. The functionality of the app is equal to capabilities of other mobile picture editors of good functionality, including basic crop-turn-black’n’white to fine-tuning, however it features a magic ‘enhance’ feature with the help of which you will turn your picture into an absolute hit without extra efforts. It also offers complementary set of filters.

    Photo Editor  - looks like a generic noun, however it is a distinctive brand of mobile picture-editing app. It is simple in use, made for Android, just as dozens of other apps, yet its ace in the hole is function of very easy background adjustments or swaps – from full ‘green screen’ replacement in one tap to careful manual color blending or blurring.

  2. A Touch of an Artist

    Editing photo is a first step to perfection and sometimes it is enough to achieve the necessary business goals. However, Instagram is also about art. Many people start their way to artistic circles right from here, and if you want to repeat their success, you will need a set of artistic tools a usual camera does not offer.

    LE Cam Free – free app specifically designed for Android gadgets. LE stands for long exposure, and the app offers you precisely this feature. You can take shots in low light and preserve high resolution, or capture the moving light, do things with lightwriting etc. if you want even more functions, then it is reasonable to buy LE Cam Pro for one dollar only.

    Bokehful – the app designed purposefully for iOS, for Android users similar apps are Insta Bokeh Effect, Bokeh Effects, and Background Defocus, and even more. What it is all about: bokeh is a visual effect when defocused lens produces small blurry light points on the image; it looks so magic-like that this effect is often used purposefully. Smarthpone cameras are good, but so much to produce this effect, so Bokehful is the app which will apply it to the image afterwards.

    Planet Camera  - it is not about environment or animals. This app is about creating cute warped panoramas (instead of flat ones, in which bits of image are stitched together) so that when you look at the picture you feel the shape and the space of a ‘small planet’. These panoramic pictures were popular some years ago, and today the app for Android can restore this particular experience with warped panoramas for your viewers.

    TiltShift Generator Free  - one more greeting card from the past. Photo effect of shooting from a remote point, which makes everything in the image look like it is a toy or a model, even people who look similar to plastic figures, also appeared a few years ago. TiltShift brings this trend back. Sometimes it may be real fun.

    Pixelot  - a very useful app for censoring images. Selective pixilation (increasing the size of pixels so that image looks blurred) is a must have for business-aimed photos, because sometimes the pictures you gave to post contain the information which cannot be disclosed. Then it is high time to use Pixelot.

  3. Applying Effects and Inscriptions

    Using images for business will mean that you need to add text, tags, prices, details and what’s not directly to the picture you post. Standard tools do help to some extent, yet their abilities are limited. Here is the list of apps which will do the trick for you.

    Overgram  - a good app for quick application of text to any part of the picture. Features a wide range of fonts, different in sizes, color and positioning. It works well, is easy to use, but it may seem a bit limited in functions. So if you have mastered it and want to get more, purchase the full app Over for two bucks only.

    Retro Photo Camera  - the app creates a perfect feeling of old-school photography, when capturing images without paint and canvass was still similar to casting spells. It carefully applies different tones of sepia to your images and makes them look in general as if they were taken a century ago, fragile and exquisite.

    Everlapse – last year’s innovation to Instagram was introduction of short videos, plus Vine is here to stay, and you can use this opportunity, too. If you have images which you want to put together in order to make a movie, than have a look at this app. It sews together separate pictures which you select, mixes them into a video clip and you just upload it to Instagram.

    Double Photo – double exposition can create very curious and striking effects, yet digital cameras by default cannot create it by accident. They do not use old-fashioned film, on which two separate images would be captured one over another. To create such pictures you will have to use the named app. It will let you superimpose pictures and blend them in different manner. Try and see what results you may achieve.

    For sure it is only a brief outline of available apps and miracles they can work for your benefit. So decide what effect you need and go search for an appropriate app – most probably you will find it, free of charge.

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